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Music Competition

Welcome To

Summer Season 2023 is open!

The deadline to apply is June 25th, 2023.

All winners will be invited to the Award Ceremony in Toronto, Canada, in the summer of 2024.

All instruments, voice, and composition are welcome to apply!

Main Prize:

  • NEW: The masterclass with one of the competition adjudicators will be awarded to the Grand Prize Winner(s)!

  • NEW: The masterclass with one of the competition adjudicators will be awarded to an Audience Award Winner who receives the most votes!

Benefits For You:


  • Celebrate your success in learning a musical instrument

  • Receive international recognition at the global event with reach history

  • Make your music heard across the world

  • NEW: Get encouraging feedback from our world-renowned adjudicators

  • Travel to Toronto, Canada, to play, receive an award, and make new friends

Do you learn music for fun? Choose the General difficulty category.
Do you want an extra challenge? Choose the Advanced difficulty category



Over 200 winners from 30+ countries in 4 seasons!

Discover a world of opportunity at the Canadian International Music Competition, where musicians of all ages and backgrounds can showcase their talent in a variety of categories. Whether you excel in the composition competition, voice competition, or another online music competition, our distinguished panel of adjudicators is ready to hear you perform. Dazzle us with your skills in a vocal competition, piano competition, concerto competition, violin competition, cello competition, or a Canada music competition focusing on woodwind competition, brass competition, and percussion competition. Ensembles can also partake in our ensemble competition. For those with a flair for jazz or traditional music, join our jazz competition or traditional music competition. With so many opportunities to shine, this is your chance to make your mark on the global music stage.

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