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Worried about memory loss? Learning piano can keep your mind sharp.

Neuroscience & Music Community

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Learn about music and sharpen your cognitive abilities through fun music games to keep your brain healthy.

How Does It Work:

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Step 3

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Your home work will include fun games to train your brain with music.

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Current Research

Brain Training through Music Learning

Recent research suggests that dedicating just 15 minutes to piano learning at least three times a week, can lead to remarkable improvements in cognitive abilities. These improvements encompass memory retention, concentration, problem-solving skills, and emotional well-being, showcasing the wide-ranging benefits of piano learning beyond the realm of music.


Dmitrii_photo web_edited_edited.jpg
Dr. Dmitrii Paniukov, PhD

Dr. Dmitrii Paniukov, a distinguished alumnus of Texas Tech University, carries a doctoral degree in cognitive neuroscience. His profound knowledge of the intricacies of the human brain and its learning mechanisms have been pivotal in the genesis and evolution of our unique brain training approach through our community and CogniChord web app.

Dr. Ekaterina Paniukova, DMA

Dr. Ekaterina Paniukova brings her extensive expertise in piano performance and pedagogy to Pulsar Music. With a doctorate from Texas Tech University, she combines her love for music with a passion for education to enhance the brain training capabilities of our community and cutting-edge music-based CogniChord web application.

Important Note:

While our community is a powerful tool for engaging your brain, it is not diagnostic and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice.

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