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CogniChord: Revitalize Cognitive Wellness in Senior Living

A Science-Based Wellness Program Designed for Retirement Homes and Care Facilities

CogniChord is an innovative wellness program that combines the joy of music with scientifically backed methods to improve cognitive abilities in seniors. Our activities are specifically designed to be engaging and entertaining, helping residents of retirement homes and care facilities to live more fulfilling lives.

Let's work together to enhance senior living!


For Administrators

Risk and Cost Reduction: By enhancing cognitive wellness, CogniChord directly reduces care-related costs. Simultaneously, its role in fostering resident engagement effectively mitigates liability concerns, promoting a safer, more cost-effective care. 

For Caregivers

Cognitive Monitoring Tools: Our program provides tools and insights for caregivers to effectively monitor and support the cognitive wellness of residents.

For Residents

Enhanced Daily Living Skills: Participation in CogniChord not only improves memory and attention but also translates into tangible improvements in everyday life for seniors:

  • Remembering names, appointments, and personal experiences,

  • Better coordination, making tasks like buttoning shirts or writing more manageable,

  • Better concentration on conversations and tasks,

  • More meaningful interactions and a sense of achievement,

  • Sharper thinking and decision-making skills.


Better Social Interaction and Engagement: The group setting of CogniChord encourages residents to interact more with each other, building a sense of community and belonging. This social aspect is vital for emotional well-being and helps combat feelings of isolation and loneliness.

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