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CogniChord: Power Up Your Brain With Music

Train Brain. Learn Piano. Join a Community

Boost your brain with our science-backed piano learning program
Enjoy fun and exciting games that make piano learning a delight
Connect with a friendly community that loves music as much as you do

Scientifically Backed Brain Training

Keep your mind sharp with our easy-to-use piano learning program. It's all based on real science! Playing piano helps you think better, remember more, and listen like a pro. It's not magic, it's music!

Recent research suggests that dedicating just 15 minutes to piano learning at least three times a week can lead to remarkable improvements in cognitive abilities.

Working Memory

Our piano games challenge your brain to retain and manipulate information, exercising your working memory.


Stay focused and sharpen your ability to pay attention, a critical skill in daily life.


Engaging in music learning activates activates brain regions associated with cognition and can lead to positive changes in brain structure and function.


Research suggests that music-based cognitive engagement can play a role in reducing the risk of cognitive decline and dementia.

Fun and Exciting Games


Who says learning can't be fun? Our piano games are a blast! From notes to songs, every game helps you get better while you're having a good time. You won't believe how quickly you're playing piano.


Music sounds better together. Join our friendly community to chat about music and brains. Share your piano victories, learn from others, and make friends along the way. It's a big piano party, and you're invited!

CogniChord Founders

Dmitrii_photo web_edited_edited.jpg
Dr. Dmitrii Paniukov, PhD

Dr. Dmitrii Paniukov, a distinguished alumnus of Texas Tech University, carries a doctoral degree in cognitive neuroscience. His profound knowledge of the intricacies of the human brain and its learning mechanisms have been pivotal in the genesis and evolution of our unique brain training approach through CogniChord web app.

Dr. Ekaterina Paniukova, DMA

Dr. Ekaterina Paniukova brings her extensive expertise in piano performance and pedagogy to Pulsar Music. With a doctorate from Texas Tech University, she combines her love for music with a passion for education to enhance the brain training capabilities of our cutting-edge music-based CogniChord web application.

Important Note:

While CogniChord is a powerful tool for engaging your brain, it is not diagnostic and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice.

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